Twiiter: @heybuddyraj

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Launcher: Nova Launcher Pro
  • Grid: 8*7
  • Icons: Glim
  • Widget: Focus Zooper Widget
  • Samsung Theme: Minu Black Material Theme
  • Keyboard: Google Keyboard with black theme
  • Calendar Widget: Month Calendar Widget

Wall: From Unsplash https://unsplash.com/photos/rLm4Wq96h_0


Instagram: sukiaki96

  • Setup Name: Clean Cut
  • Device: LG G4/Note 4 (I run the same theme on both phones)
  • Launcher: Nova Launcher
  • Grid Size: 10x10 Lock Screen; 12x12 Home Screen
  • Icon Pack: Tiny White Icon
  • Widget Pack: Sunrise Calander, UCCW (themes from coldfustion); Power Toggle 

Setup Explanation

The goal of this set up was to a modern minimal design that works for me. The lock screen is all UCCW Widgets, designed by Coldfustion. These widgets open Stock LG Clock, Sunrise, Stock LG Phone and Google Messages. They have notification counters for the latter. 

On the bottom right next to the slider is a folder widget from Power Toggle, I found out how to do it by accident. I use this to house my quick access apps that I use the most. This is especially helpful when driving. I have a Cradle Dock that is suctioned cupped to my car’s interior. This is for ease of use to pull up Music and GPS before driving and enable better visibility of GPS while driving. 

Home Screen is an enhanced version of a design made by someone from mycolorscreen, I am not the one who created it however i did add to it. Each Icon you see on the Home Page is actually a folder, where in the original they were apps. All Icons are replaced with Tiny White Icon Pack. Each Folder hold apps in Categories such as Social, Camera/Photos. Music, Core Apps (browser, email, phone, text), Games, Misc and Reading. The final icon at the bottom is a shortcut through Nova launcher Action to open App Drawer themed with Tiny White Icon Pack. The Following Page is just a simple calendar widget from Sunrise.


  • Twitter : @n_suri96
  • Setup Name - Megamilistic
  • Setup Details : 
  • Device : Moto G4 Plus 
  • Launcher : Nova Launcher 
  • Grid Size : 6x6 
  • Icon Pack : Sunshine 
  • Widget Pack : RL Zooper Collection


  • Twitter: @QuisimBryant
  • Nova Launcher: 8x5 Grid
  • Icon Pack: Whicons
  • Widget: Zooper Pro (Stun Zooper 2)
  • Wallpaper comes with the Outray CM13 Theme (as do the custom navigation buttons) Play Store Link: https://goo.gl/baU3Rt
  • Almas Delic
  • Galaxy S5
  • Nova launcher Prime
  • Grid size: 5x5
  • Marshmallow icon pack
  • Zooper widget Pro- Ocea widget pack


  • Launcher: Nova Launcher
  • Icon: Desaturate 
  • Widget: Unik for zooper 
  • Lockscreen: Snaplock